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frequently asked questions

  • How many passengers can we bring on our cruise?

    • Maximum of 6 passengers​​​ (Tiki 1)

    • Maximum of 12 passengers​​​ (Tiki 2) with Bareboat Option

    • Maximum of 18 passengers for our Big Kahuna vessel.

  • What time should we arrive?

    • You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time.  You will need time to load your belongings and beverages onto the boat as well as fill out some paperwork and get our safety orientation from our captain. If you are late in arriving, it will cut into the length of your cruise.  We always return to the dock at the scheduled time so that the next trip is not delayed.​

  • Can we bring our own food and drinks?

    • Yes. We do not provide food or drinks. You may bring your own drinks, food, snacks, and alcoholic beverages. Please have a valid ID if you intend to consume alcoholic beverages while onboard. We have a cooler on board available for passenger use. Ice will be not be provided. Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages MUST be 21 or older with a valid ID.  Alcoholic beverages may not be opened or consumed until the boat has left the dock. You cannot drink at the dock, on the piers, or on your way to and from your car.

  • What should I wear?

    • Please check the weather before your trip. We recommend summer attire, with warm clothing options/blankets in case it is breezy. We do have an awning but do not have raincoats. ​

  • Is there a bathroom onboard?

    • YES, there is! It is a marine toilet and the captain will show you how to operate it. We recommend you use the shore bathrooms prior to boarding. ​

  • Can children come?

    • ​Yes, we love kids!  Anyone under 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Children 10 and under will be required to wear a life vest at all times and we ask that they are able to swim.  You can bring your own USCG approved life jacket or use one of ours. Must have an adult of 18 years or older book and attend your cruise.

  • Can I play my own music?

    • Yes, you can hook up to our system via Bluetooth​

  • Are cigarettes and/or THC/other drugs allowed on board?

    • ​We do not allow cigarettes or any types of THC or any other types of legal or illegal drugs onboard. Regardless of whether it is legal in NJ or your home state even if you have a prescription, it is still illegal to bring onboard a vessel. Our captains have a strict no-tolerance policy for any drugs brought aboard as it could cause them to lose their license. Your trip will be terminated immediately and your group will be dropped at the nearest point of land if your group has brought any drugs aboard. 

  • Should we tip the Captain?

    • ​Tipping is recommended. Our captains work very hard maintaining, cleaning, and driving the boat so our guests have the optimum safe and fun experience while onboard. 20% tip is a usual tip for this service. 

  • What if I lose something or leave something behind?

    • Our Captains will do their best to retrieve any lost or stolen items. Items left behind will be held until we can get the items back to you. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  ​

  • What if I get sea sick?

    • If you think you or any of your guests could get sea sickness, plan ahead. Please consult with your doctor and bring your own medicine as we are not allowed to. 

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